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Income Factory™ investors have a wide choice of high-yielding investments to choose for their portfolios. Besides the articles and book mentioned elsewhere, there are many investment letters and subscription services available that provide analyses and commentary on securities and funds that are potential “candidates” for an Income Factory™ portfolio. 


One popular newsletter is the CEF/ETF Income Laboratory ( It is available on the Seeking Alpha website, with model portfolios updated regularly. In addition, the Seeking Alpha Marketplace site has many other subscription services, a number of which are focused on high-yielding investments that would be suitable for an Income Factory™ portfolio. Investors may wish to review the list of services to find ones that appeal to them.


DISCLAIMER: The subscription services mentioned are offered as a convenience for investors seeking possible sources of useful input in making their investment choices. There is no recommendation, assurance or warranty, either expressed or implied, as to the accuracy or effectiveness of the information, guidance or advice offered by any of them, or of the suitability of the various model portfolios or other investment recommendations for specific individual investors and their respective portfolios.

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